If you require a product coated with heat seal or pressure-sensitive adhesive, we may have it in stock; otherwise, we will coat it for you.

  • Bleach Kraft / Natural Kraft / Black Kraft / Custom Colour Tin Tie
  • Bright Silver / Bright Gold Tin Tie
  • Tin Tie Flat Wire
  • 3 Mil PSA Transfer Adhesive
  • Clear BOPP Label Stock
  • Heat Seal Lidding Stock
  • PSA Coated Film
  • PSA Pattern Coatings
  • Coated Two-Side Transfer Adhesives
  • Custom Coated Products
  • Custom Slitted Products
  • Products for the Label and Forms Industries
  • Piggyback (Multi-Ply) Constructions
  • Package Reclosure Systems
  • Transfer Tapes Heat Seal and Pressure Sensitive
  • Tapes Heat Seal and Pressure Sensitive
  • Industrial Adhesive Products
  • Face Stocks and Liners
  • Hot Melt Adhesives
adhesive laminations
adhesive laminations

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